Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bubbles, Bob and the Need for Talking

So, inspired by my lovely mind fish here, I decided to go out and finally put a couple of fish into my salty tank since my coral beauty died. They are green chromis (but they are actually a lovely light blue-ish), and their names are Bubbles and Bob. I don't know which one is Bob and which one is Bubbles, but they seem to like the names just fine. Chromis are in the damsel family of fish, and the green chromis are a heartier fish and can survive a first cycle better than most. Oh, and did I mention CHEAP?! For a salt water fish, these were less than four dollars each, and if they die I won't have spent a fortune (like the thirty bucks I spent on the coral beauty), and won't feel like an ass for have brought a little bit of swimmy happiness into my life today. Money is tight, but I really wanted something to look at and make me smile.

Cyrah got sent "upstairs" today at pre-k, which essentially equates to going to the principal's office in her school. I guess the teacher and the teacher's aid must have let it slip their minds because they never said anything to Dustin when he picked her up, but she said something almost as soon as she got in the car. One thing I can say for the kid; she's honest. She said that she had to go upstairs because she kept talking when the teacher was talking, and this is an issue we are working on at home as well. Glad I am not the only one she does that to, I guess.

I watched "How to Train Your Dragon" for the first (and second) time today, and without spoiling anything for the readers who have maybe not seen the movie; See it. It is worth watching no matter what your age is. The movie centers around a teenage Viking boy who doesn't live up to the village's expectations of him. His life is changed when he finally captures a dragon and that dragon becomes his very best friend. Stunning computer animation, great comedic timing, and very heart warming. A must see, definitely.

On that note, I should probably get back to writing my resume. I don't want to give away what I am applying for just in case I don't get the job, but once I have some sort of answer about it, I'll say a little more. Much love to you all!

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