Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Tuesday

So, why Random Tuesday? I really have no idea. I just woke up feeling very scattered and chaotic, so I just went with it. Sometimes it's no use fighting against the current, you just have to go with the flow. So this blog post is going to be all about the art of freewriting... Whatever comes to me will come out as it comes to me, even if I break in the middle of a sentence to get there. I'll even try to get back if I can.

Someone wanted me to watch "The Secret"... for a Pagan, I am just not sure I got for all that metaphysical bullshit. Sure, I think that energy is powerful... obviously... I wouldn't be a practicing Pagan if I didn't, but I think that the secret attempts to fool people into believing that it is really less airy-fairy than it is. I agree with the theory, it's the delivery I don't think I'll care for.

Mountain Dew is probably one of my favorite beverages right behind coffee. If I had to pick a favorite kind of coffee, I don't think I could. Mountain Dew has several flavors now, and they just don't taste right to me. I like the Mountain Dew I have, thank you very much.

Every time I see a movie ad I wish I had written it. Sometimes I wish I were more clever than I am, or at least be able to iterate the things in my head quickly enough to make it matter. Sometimes I just feel like I have to be totally random like this so that I can write in a structured form better. It's sort of like the idea of letting the little kid have the tantrum so they get it out of their system and they can come out of their room acting like a normal human child again instead of like they were switched with some sort of squinchy faced gremlin. That is what Cyrah reminds me of when she freaks out anyway. I think that if I just let me mind have this little tantrum that the next thing is going to be amazing... or so I hope.

I never know how long these moods are going to last. It seems like sometimes they are only for a few hours and then other times they stretch on for days at a time. That is sure going to make paying attention very hard to do.

Have you ever repeated a word over and over again until it just didn't make sense anymore? It just became some weird sound coming out of your mouth and you don't know why that word for a thing instead of another. Like coupon or purple. Those two words I can say over and over again until they just sound ridiculous, and at the end I have never actually answered the question of why. I guess like can just be like that sometimes. Sometimes I say words with different accents just to make myself giggle, and some of them make me giggle in any dialect... like peacock.

So tomorrow I have a show and I am looking forward to it. I suppose I should end this randomness before it gets out of control... but do I want to? I just don't know. I may even post again tonight if the mood strikes. Maybe even something a little more readable. Who knows?

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