Monday, November 8, 2010

Drunken ramblings...

Soooo.... blog posting while semi-drunk should be fun....

The future in-laws decided it would be a good time to walk and have wine while doing it... maybe not the best of plans before I have to do my nightly blog post... Yeah. sooo drunk right now....

Anyway. I had to tell my oldest how special she is before she went to sleep. As a mom that is so hard to do. Not telling my daughter how special she is, but how special she is when compared to her sister. To tell one how awesome she is compared to the other when they have two different dads is near impossible. Because they are so different they are really hard to compare to one another. One is quiet and shy while the other one just says what's on her mind. One is artistically silently while the other is artistic with words. I can't choose between the two. That is just a cruel choice for a mom to make. It is just impossible.

How do you tell one child that they are important while not disqualifying the talents of the other? How do you make one feel like they are the center of your world when they are a mismatched set?

I think that if my mom had spent more time telling me why I was important, I would have turned out a different person altogether... is that a bad thing? Not always. I think it is useful when a parent points out the positives in one, while accentuating the not-so-strong points in the other, and it balances out the "favoritism" between the two. Maybe if my mom had spent some time telling me what I was good at, I wouldn't have spent so much time in what she liked about him more... I don't know...

Call this all the drunken ramblings of me. I'll look back and laugh tomorrow. 'Til then, I love you all.

Good night.


  1. The oldest; she need to be reassured a bit? I sure wish you were close. Maybe not over the back fence close, but close. I would steal her a bit and do some nature stuff with her, and tell her how special it is for someone to be able to see and appreciate that part of the world that is all around us and yet so easily overlooked by most.

    (written while buzzed on hard cider, by the way.)

  2. Pretty much since her sister was born she has needed reassurance. probably had to do with the fact that she was almost five when her sis was born.

    She loves nature stuff. Such a good kid.

    I need hard cider!!