Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Birthdays, Paintings, and The Dream King

I just realized that I completely forgot my posting for yesterday mostly because I went to sleep at a decent time for a change, after not really having a normal sleep schedule for a week or two. I feel bad about it but at the same time I really didn't enjoy being sick last week and would not like to repeat the process. I figured that since I missed it I had better have something phenomenal to share tonight, so here's my attempt.

My cousin that I haven't seen since our much younger years is going to come for a visit as a commemoration of both of our birthdays; mine on the second of December, and hers on the third. It's somewhat odd how we came to find one another again, and definitely worth sharing. Last October, I was doing a Twitter interview with Neil Gaiman. As we all know, I am a fan of the Dream King and the interview was definitely a highlight of last year. During the interview, I gained a new follower on Twitter and oddly we shared the last name. When I looked into the profile and asked a few questions of her, I realized that it was my first cousin (that I hadn't seen for at least twenty years). I never did remember to say thank you to Neil for this reunion when I saw him at the House on the Rock so if you are reading Neil; I owe you HUGE for that. Thank you so much.

Tonight in honor of Neil, my impending 30th birthday, and the excitement of getting to see my long lost cousin, I painted a picture that I dedicate to Neil. You never really know the impression that your creations will have on a person and the serendipitous circumstances it can bring to those who love them until that magic is manifest. I am lucky to have one more thing to be thankful for this year.

"Bubbles in December" by Naomi Houser 2010
I also just realized that the interview I did with Neil last October was never posted to this blogger, so I am going to add that as well for those who didn't catch it in the newspaper or on my Facebook page. With that, I will leave you all to dream your dreams, and remember to dream them big. You'll never know what could come of them one day.

(Readers should note that the Graveyard Book actually spent more than 52 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller List. It had been 52 weeks the date this article was originally published.)

eil Gaiman, famous for such works as the Sandman comics, Neverwhere, Stardust, and the 52 week New York Times Best Seller “Graveyard” was kind enough to grant me an interview over the summer using a social tool called "Twitter".

If you are unfamiliar with this tool you should; A.) Come out from under that rock, and B.) Get onto Twitter yourself and check it out! The point of Twitter? No one is really sure, but what they are sure of is that it is very addicting.

The "twitterer" is allowed 140 characters to describe anything they would like; a thought for the day, what they are eating, answering other people's "tweets" that they follow, or just plain giving an update on what is going on with them at any given time. You can follow friends, famous people, or just about anyone you really feel has something worthwhile to say. You can follow news stations, businesses, even the White House.

Neil Gaiman (recently divorced) is now dating the ukelele-playing songstress that heads up the Dresden Dolls; Amanda Palmer. Prior to my Twitter interview with Neil I asked Amanda Palmer what she thought of the interview to which she responded, "Just ask him embarrassing questions about me. He'll be tickled." I then shared this information with Neil and he shoots back with a, "Mr. Gaiman raises an eyebrow." I promised I would leave Amanda out of the question set. These are the questions I asked Neil;

NH: First question; Have you seen my car keys? They went missing today...
NG: I can never find my own car keys. I ask Lorraine. Probably she knows where your car keys are too.
(From FL:) Counter. Dining room. Perhaps table.

NH: When removing your shoes, left or right one first?
NG: Definitely one or the other, yes. Both doesn't work and I fall over.

NH: Strangest Wisconsin place you have visited? By the way, the "great bloody cow" still stands but the Oasis Restaurant is no more (Neil has been to Janesville many times)
NG: There is *nothing* stranger than the House on the Rock in this world. Giant replicas of the biggest cheese notwithstanding.
(I asked Neil several years ago if he knew where Janesville, WI was and he said, "That's the place with the great, bloody cow isn't it?")

NH: Strangest "gift" sent to you in the mail?
NG: Kyle Cassidy sent me a mysterious box, padlocked. One day, I am told, someone will arrive with a key. Until then it's a mystery.

NH: Test of psychic abilities- If you were a tattoo on Naomi's back of a Sandman character, which would you be? You could cheat on #5... but I may have to dock you points.
NG: DeliriumorDeathorMorpheusortheCorinthianorBastorSausages?
NH: Well, that covers a few of your options.... here you go... (I sent him a link to picture of the tattoo, and it is a baby Delirium.)
NG: I tried to answer AND cheat.
NH: You did famously. Full points!

NH: Write a haiku about the Dreaming, and find a way to include the Borghal Rantipole. I am so psyched about the haiku. I think I might wet my pants... Going to grab fresh undies while I wait.
(The Borghal Rantipole and The Dreaming are both references to the Sandman comics.)
NG: That's not an interview, that's art. I'm afraid we charge for art.
NH: !!!FOILED!! Oh no!! I bet you were just too stumped by the Borghal Rantipole... admit it... you retain manhood if you do. I just realized that this totally makes up for you missing coffee with me in Minneapolis that one time.

A twitter poll was made and we asked a different question 6:

NH: Apparently #6 should now be What should I do with these underwear? Which I grabbed in readiness for the Haiku.
NG: I think you should use them to Escape. Tie someone's hands with them and flee into the night.

NH: If @cabalhimself had anything to say at this moment, what would it be? (Cabal is Neil's dog, and he has his own twitter page.) #7 was tweet number 666... Coincidence? Hm. *shifty eyes* (This refers to how many posts I have made since I joined.)
NG: "We can go for a walk? Yes? Now? Yes? Soon? Walk? Sigh. Okay, I'll sleep. Then walk? Yes?"

NH: If I may have your opinion, does this catsuit make my butt look big? (I sent a picture that had been previously submitted to The Flyer of me in costume)
NG: The answer to *any* question from a lady as to whether clothing makes her butt look big is "No". Fortunately, that doesn't.

NH: If you were a Muppet, which would you be?
NG: The Great Gonzo, back when he was lean and desperate, before he started doing game shows and playing golf.

NH: What is the title of the book I have yet to write that (so far) only exists in The Dreaming? (That poor Lucien must dust.)
NG: Probably you read the answer and forgot it. Or dreamed you did.

NH: What can we expect to see (as far as new works go) from you in the near future? Will there really be an Anansi Boys film?!
NG: The only answer to anything filmic from a writer is "I hope so".

NH: And finally... is this the best interview ever? Just kidding. But seriously... is it??
NG: No. The Best Interview Ever will include ice cream. I am convinced of this and will wait forever if necessary.
NH: And your favorite flavor?
NG: Butter pecan, probably. 

Or** Fennel.

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  1. You are amazing and yes Mr. Gaiman and Twitter, I too thank you for bringing me and my long lot cousin together. :-)