Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Following your Heart

When a psychology instructor asks you to write about your thoughts on intuition, it's probably a good idea to do just that... or maybe it's not at all a good idea... how do you make the distinction? I could be working myself into some sort of Psychology 101 conundrum here but I am, as always, willing to take on the challenge. My gut tells me that everything is going to be okay. ;)

I have always considered myself a more "Intuitive" personality according to the Myers-Briggs Personality tests, and it turns out that when I finally took the test, I was. I have always trusted my gut when it comes to everything, mostly because I get a "vibe" off of people. I couldn't tell you if it was my subconscious giving me the answer or not, but I can always tell when I won't get along with a person before even talking to them, when a choice feels "wrong", when something bad or good is in the air, when I am not going to get the part I tried out for... Do I feel that that kind of life can sometimes be a self-fulfilling prophecy? Absolutely. But why torture myself with being around someone I don't feel good being around just to prove myself right or wrong, or putting myself in a situation that just feels doomed?

There have been times in my life where I have felt as though taking a step in a certain direction would lead to a certain fate, and mid-step or no, I will turn around and walk away if I need to.

I don't like that there's even a phrase out there called "woman's intuition". This makes it seem as though men walk around without "feeling" anything around them, while women are privy to some secret information that men can't touch for one reason or another. It also makes it seem like some women don't trust in logic... this isn't acceptable.

Intuition has brought great things into my life and kept some of the bad away, or so I have convinced myself. Like ESP, I believe that intuition is fallible. Unlike ESP, it is repeatable. I think that intuition comes with life experience. You'll know that fire burns if you have been burned and you'll be able to avoid situations because your subconscious give you a tiny reminder somewhere in the back of your head that this has spelled disaster before based on similar events. You know that feeling that you get when you meet someone for the first time and, without speaking, your personal bubble space touches their personal bubble space and you either immediately like or dislike them? I think that this is intuition with a logical twist; Your subconscious is comparing all that it can see about this person against everything that you have either liked or disliked about every person you have ever met, and gives you a nudge in deciding how you feel about the person standing before you.

The future is full of possibilities, and I don't believe that intuition has ever hindered me from doing exactly what it is that I think I should do. Sure, I may have missed out on some great friendships because intuition told me that the person in question and I were never going to get along. On the other hand, I may have missed out on being incredibly hurt by them because I followed my gut in the first place.

Intuition tells me something good is in the air. It is my job to go out and actually make it happen.


  1. It's such a coincidence that my blog from yesterday touched on this very subject.

    I have plenty of experience in not listening to my intuition. I gave someone a chance that I knew in my gut, I shouldn't have. He ended up with power over me, which perpetuated quite a bit of self doubt. Unfortunately, when you grow up in the unsupported, abusive, stifling environment that I had, it's easy to question yourself.

    But, those times I did not listen to my gut, I made horrible decisions that I am still trying to live down; things that did damage to my life and self esteem on an exponential level.

    Now, in rebuilding myself, I listen to my gut at every turn. So, I have to agree, missing out on something that might have been good is much better than a lifetime of incredible hurt.

  2. Being a quasi-Jungian, I tend to believe in the collective unconscious, we all have memories that aren't really ours but are shared with our societal group. Maybe, intuition flows from this C.U., don't know for sure, just a feeling I have.

  3. Nicely written girl. From a man's perspective, I have no problem with "Woman's Intuition" as a phrase. I quite often feel women are better at tuning in then us guys. Not always, but more often then not. Does that mean I listen to them? Not always, but now and then.