Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Magic in the Making

Well, got a wild hair today and decided to try and piece together some ideas for fairy wings.

I wandered the aisles of the local Hobby Lobby long enough for the cashier's voice to echo around the store letting me know that I had fifteen minutes until the store closed so would I please bring my purchases up to the front? (I am pretty sure that the underlying phrase was, "I am sick of looking at old women and fake spring flowers and if you would bring whatever crap you're buying to the front so I could close out my register I'd appreciate it". At least that was the vibe I got when, ten minutes later, she was reminding me yet again that I had not yet brought my purchases to the front and someone somewhere gave the lights a quick on-and-off for good measure.

I brought my odd assortment of items to the front register for purchase at eight o'clock sharp and after giving me the stink eye for half a second, the cashier began to ring up my items; Three rolls of pearlized cellophane, one purple pearlized table covering, 5mm solder (on a spindle), floral tape, two scissors, a can of spray adhesive, and a bundle of long decorative sticks... she looked me over with what I assume to be mild amusement and gave me (what I assume was meant to be) a smile (and looked more like she had a mild toothache or a moderate pain in the posterior) and bade me good night.

Once I got the stuff home, I began to work furiously with some concept designs, and I think I like what ideas I have come up with so far. Now there are little bits of cellophane all over the house and my daughter believes that I have lost my mind.

So why am I making fairy wings? Well... that would be telling you. But just know that they have a purpose, and sometime in the future I'll reveal what that purpose is. For now, enjoy this photo of my first prototype swatch.

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