Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And so it went...

Well, the audition is over and as much as I am glad that it is over, the two to three week wait has been murder... and it is only day two.

Everyone keeps asking how it went, and to be honest, I feel okay about it.

Snow was coming down in the morning and I immediately panicked. I loathe snow driving, and my fiance offered to drive me the hour and handful of minutes to my audition. He says, "You're going to get to that audition, and you're going to rock it." Unfortunately, that meant that our four year old had to miss her cousin's birthday party and she wasn't too pleased about that. I hope she understands what this all meant to her mommy...

We got to the hotel about two hours early because, in anticipation of terrible driving conditions, we left extremely early. Of course, the roads are completely clear despite the weather channel's promise that driving conditions were going to be poor all the way to the audition site.

At the sign-up table the very warm and wonderful ladies working offered to move me into the earlier slot if the last person on the list was a no-show. I took a deep breath, and said yes. Dustin stayed a while with me but shortly thereafter our daughter became restless and I asked him to take her someplace more fun. We kissed, he wished me luck, and left me to my racing thoughts. And the kind lady at the sign-up desk told me I was next... My stomach did a quick somersault.

I walked into the room, and because no one said anything I said, "So is this like A.A. where I introduce myself and you all say, 'Hi, Naomi'?" I managed to get a giggle out of the directors for that one. They had me start with a vocal piece which, of course, I immediately forget how the song starts. After shaking my hands for a bit and thinking about it, I recovered. I think that I sang well even though I have this sinus infection trying to wipe me out. After I sing, they want me to play the violin. Ugh. Okay, so that wasn't awesome. Sad I even went there.

At least by the time I did my monologue I was pretty much thinking that nothing could be worse than my violin playing, so my monologue had to look wondrous in comparison. I nailed it.... I mean, really nailed it. I used emotion and the words were pouring out of my mouth with inflection, and pace. I am proud of that darned monologue. I am, however, certain that Kate shall haunt me in my dreams. While I was doing my monologue, my eyes went from one director to the next, and there was one, sadly, who seemed to have better things to do on the computer. Not that this is totally true... it was just my perception at the time. A lot of that might have come from the fact that I was a huge bundle of nerves and if I didn't see a face lit up with a smile, I thought I had failed.

Next I did my movement piece. At first, I was sort of dancing alone, and then the director for the Fantastikals came out and danced with me and played a mirror game. I am not sure if that was a good or bad sign, but it made me feel less like an ass. I portrayed Fire, and then she had me act like I was a puppet-person. That was... weird feeling.

People keep asking me how I did with the movement. To be honest I was nervous and so stuck in my own head that I really couldn't tell you. I hope that I did well enough but I won't know for a couple of weeks if it was enough.

To be honest, I have always felt awkward and tomboyish. My feet are too big and my fingers too long and my knees to knobby. I have never really felt graceful. Not like I see these characters. They are the embodiment of the things they emulate and I feel like I am outside, nose to the glass, always on this side. I know I could do it in the makeup but at the audition I had to be me. I had to be the person I see myself as, no masks, no makeup. It was hard.

After that I was dismissed but had to do a quick frolic for the Bristol Buskin Frolic's director. I giggled and danced around like a fruit for a little bit.

Waiting back in the room with the other girls in my audition slot, we laughed about a lot of different things. One I had already met on my Faceplace, and the others seemed ready to talk about anything but auditions and were very friendly. After the last girl did her audition, we waited a few minutes until they called us in for our group improv.

The thing about improv is that you do these activities, but you don't remember a darn thing you said because it was spur of the moment and right from the belt. I know that I made an Ode to a Basket of Chips, and that it was funny, but I can't for the life of me remember what the heck I even said. All I know is that group improv was a blast. After that we were told we could head home.

My feelings? I think I might be offered a part. I don't know if I'll get the part I want, but I have a feeling they might offer me something. Only time will tell, and this is only day two of my two to three week wait. And it is murder.