Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And in the simplest of places

When you least expect it, a little bit of magic happens. Richard Nagle of Night Owl Photography was looking through some of the old photographs I had taken and in one I had dubbed "Faery Hotel", he finds a face.

A little back story; a few years back, my fiance and I took the kids to Parfrey's Glen in the Devil's Lake State Park of the Wisconsin Dells. My oldest daughter, then five or six, says she thinks this must be where the faeries live. There is a spot there, something like a wall, where it is riddled and pocked full of holes where I would assume little fae creatures could go in and out of, so I took a picture (shown below) of the wall. Mind you, this pic was taken well before I had any knowledge of Photoshop and it's glory to fix pictures and make them more pretty. This is the picture Richard saw.

This next picture, I have removed all the color, except for the face that Richard points out to me.

This next, I have put time and thought into making the picture much more bold and grand. A fate I believe she deserves.

I don't know if you also see what Richard saw, but it certainly filled my heart with joy and wonder.... and perhaps hope. Much love to you all.

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  1. Good Stuff. Those little people show up all over the place for those who have eyes to see. You have full Photoshop? I have an old version of Elements with a few plug ins and get intimidated enough with that.