Friday, February 19, 2010

Warning: Contains Excitement

Well, it is about 36 odd hours until I begin an adventure I have never been on before. I have an outfit specifically for this event, a head shot, a monologue memorized, and a resume. I have a full tank of gas and a heart brimming with excitement and ambition. I also have a tummy full of butterflies and love it just a little bit...

I decided that this experience was going to do a lot for me.

I have remained stagnant in the town I am living in for too long now and it is beginning to eat at my creativity. I am in a serious rut when it comes to the novel I am working on, and what I need is a new experience and this is exactly what I need. I am a classic Sagittarius. I need to live in the moment and revel in the new things that I can see and do. I don't just sit out, I have to be in the moment, lost in the feelings that it creates. I need this for ME. I need this to bring back that spark I had when I started college and began something new.

Don't get me wrong, this adventure doesn't put my education on the back burner. In fact, the days I would be working are days that I would not be at school at all. Because I don't attend in the summer, this works perfectly for me. And I WANT this, damnit!

So, is this just a whim? No. I was going to audition after I went to Faire the first time, but utterly chickened out. I don't think I had the confidence that I needed at that time to envision myself in a part. The other huge thing has been the absolutely WONDERFUL bonds I have with Faire friends and family that have made this a possibility. It would take hours to list all of the people that have made an impact with this choice, but I promise you that if I get a role at Faire I will list them all. I will look through my Faceplace and find every encouraging comment and thank every single one of those people individually on here. Even if I don't get a part, I will do this... but I need to wait until after I find out one way or the other.

As the time draws nearer and nearer to AUDITION TIME, my tummy does back flips. I have confidence in myself, and others have confidence in me. I have what I need for this audition pretty much prepared. These nerves are good and the excitement building inside has me so full of life right now that I want to keep and savor this moment. I want to lay in bed tomorrow night and sigh and know I have done what I could to prepare, and then earn that part.

I love you, my darlings.

I would say, "Tell me to break a leg," but you have already done that. And for that, I am grateful.

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