Monday, February 8, 2010

Even though sickness is taking its toll on me, I still must do the things that need done, which sucks. Unlike some people, I find it difficult to accept the help of others when I am not doing well. I don't like to ask for help at the best of times, and I seek it from few people. In a way I feel a bit guilty asking my fiance for help because he is the one going out and earning all the money while I am at home getting an education.

Don't get me wrong, I could ask for help, and I would get it too but I just feel like a bit of a pain in the ass asking at all.

Today I bought a fish. Why is this important? No idea. I stayed up to an insane time cleaning all the green algae out of the fresh water tank I have. Took all the water and decor out of it, the fish, EVERYTHING... cleaned it all and put it back in then got to thinking, 'If I had a plecostomus , I wouldn't have had to do all this work...' So I bought one. For those of you unfamiliar with fish types, those are the ones doing a Hoover job on the tank.

Bought myself some really nice athletic clothes for when I am working out and practicing as well. Nothing like being comfortable when you are working out. Currently I have been working on a lot of core exercises, because really, it's my tummy I am not happy with. By no means am I overweight, but having two kids left me an insane amount of loose skin that I would love to be rid of. After some of this exercise, I have heard that some light tanning will also decrease the visibility of stretch marks. Probably more info than you cared to know about, but what the hell, I say.

I also cleaned my little one's room today. It is amazing how much crap can be amassed in a few short weeks of not paying close attention. Besides, she is like a small hurricane in her bedroom and it was a bit ridiculous in there. Pretty sure there were Sluagh under her bed, so after I cleaned it out I left a few small trinkets for them to take back to their evil little fae denizens.

I am pretty sure I saw someone that I liked when I looked in the mirror. Even though I am sick and look a mess, I liked what I saw. I don't know why that was the way it was today in comparison to others, and I don't dislike what I see any other day but I am not sure that I always like it. For some reason today I saw a little spark there. Something worth enjoying. It was refreshing.

Now I am off to do some more laundry. I have to go with the energy surge when I have them because every time I stop I shut down. I can't afford that right now because if I miss a day, I get waaaay behind. See you soon my lovelies. All my love.

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