Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scott Walker Asked to Leave Local Restaurant (THE "HOAX" REVEALED!)

As promised, I am adding the pulled blog post (with restaurant name and contact info redacted) so that everyone can understand what all the chaos at this site has been about. Then I am going to do a breakdown of Badger Blogger's recording and tell you which bits of it are TRUE. That's right. Parts of what they say are actually right, but as always, it's never what you think. Let's get started, shall we?

This is the original blog post as it appeared here a few days ago (names redacted).

You know you're not well liked when you are asked to leave a local tavern because people boo-ing at you causes an upset, but this is exactly what happened to Wisconsin State Governor Scott Walker on Friday the 18th of February.

"Why don't you like me? Sad Scott Walker is sad."

The ******** in Madison, WI confirms that on Friday night, ____________ (one of the owners) politely asked Scott Walker to leave the establishment when other customers began boo-ing him. A bartender at The ******** said that, "his presence was causing a disturbance to the other customers and management asked him to leave."

There it is, word for word, as screen printed on other sites, minus the names. Transparent. And actually slightly misinformed. Shame on me.

In this next section, I am going to add Badger Blogger's recording and a transcript of that recording for your perusal where Badger Blogger accuses the establishment of "trying to gain liberal credibility by making up a total lie about how they booted Scott Walker out of their establishment." They also tell the listener: Do not turn it off after the hang-up, that's where it gets good.

[Ringing. A "shh" is heard from the caller.]

[Establishment, henceforth referred to as EST]: ********.

[Badger Blogger, henceforth referred to as BB]: Hi there. Um. Did you guys really throw the Governor out on Friday the 18th?

[EST]: Ummm.. I can't even... I can't confirm or deny that.

[BB]: Who, who could? Um, is this gentleman, um, ____________, is he available?

[EST]: Uh no he's not, actually.

[BB]: Sooo.. why would you guys throw the Governor out? I mean, he's the Governor.

[EST]: (stammers a bit) It's a rumor so I wouldn't believe everything you read.

[BB]: It's actually not a rumor, he actually confirmed it with a news agency.

*Side note: I wouldn't call a blog a news agency myself, but whatever.*

[EST]: The Governor did?

[BB]: No, ___________ did.

[EST]: Oh. No, no I don't think he'd talk to anybody... (is interrupted)

[BB]: No, no he actually did. According to, um, a blog by the name of uhhh, Min.. Ma... Mind Stain, they talked to him and he confirmed it.

*Side note 2: No where in the original posting does it say that ___________ confirmed anything. It says The ******** confirms it. A bartender specifically, but I offered no date on the phone with this person. This is important later.

[EST]: No, no. There's no truth to that at all.

*Side note 3: Aha! There isn't truth to that because I did not in fact speak with __________.

[BB]: There's no truth to that at all?

[EST]: Not at all.

[BB]: Well it's published on the internet!

*Side note 4: Uh, yeah. So is Wikipedia, but you can't cite it as a credible source on a college paper. So is LOLCats, but do you really think that cat wonders if it "Can Haz Cheeseburger"? Okay, that's probably true.

[EST]: (Laughs) That's the internet for you. (Silence) Have a good night.

[BB]: (Interrupts) How would I reach ____________ if I wanted to?

[EST]: Uh... (stammers) I'm really not at liberty to... to discuss that. You know what? It's, it's... Think what you want.

[BB]: (Interrupts) Were you... were you... were you there... were you there the night that this happened? Or allegedly happened?

[EST]: I was not, no.

*Side note 5: Aha again! He admits to not being there the night in question, thus admitting the incident did, in fact, occur.

[BB]: Oh. (Silence) So, you don't know anything about this? You guys, you like, on your, you come in at the beginning of your shift and you're talking with your other workers, you guys didn't, like, talk about this or anything?

[EST]: Nope.

[BB] Really.

[EST] Nope.

[BB]: Well that's hard to believe.

[EST]: Well, there's a lot of things that are hard to believe lately.

[BB]: So you're telling me that Scott Walker did not come to your establishment on Friday the 18th (is interrupted)

[EST]: I'm not saying anything, I'm saying we're trying to get through our dinner service so I appreciate your call. Thanks. Bye. (Hangs up, but really hasn't).

[EST]: What? (A voice answers from far off)

(Voice) It's on the internet now.

Yeah, I know, I think I can get it off.

(Voice) No, like somebody wrote an article on it.

Yeah, but no one's talked to me. (Silence) Where is it?

(Voice reads my blog post almost verbatim)

Where is it, where is it, what's it on, dude?

(Silence, then Voice continues reading the article aloud)

On that post?

(Voice) Yeah. (Reads more)

Where is this? (Indistinguishable)

(Voice) Five minutes ago.

(More indistinguishable talking)

Where? Are you looking at pages?

(Order is called up by cook)

(Something that sounds like "We gotta get this down" and "I can delete it.")

*Side note 6: I am not sure exactly what they are talking about deleting, unless they mean their Facebook page, which is possible. I have been unable to confirm that.

(My web address HERE is then said aloud.)

You sure?

(Voice) Yeah.


So, there you have it. Right? It would sound to someone like they are denying an incident, but at the same time confirming it, right? Exactly. I plan to tell you why.

I was wrong. Yep. The screw up was all mine. Not because it never happened, but when it happened. I had heard this all from a friend but the date was utterly wrong. All of this took place in the week before the protests even started and there are witnesses to this event. (This from someone who only wishes to be known as "a credible source".)

So here's the deal. So many people are calling and harassing them, when there really isn't a need to. The story wasn't meant to show the establishment's support of the left, or to give them "liberal credibility". What they did may well have been in the best interest of Governor Walker because of his growing unpopularity. They weren't trying to show the guy a hard time because they didn't believe in his bill, because it hadn't even been introduced yet. They were merely asking a man to leave because it was causing a disturbance in a bar.

Let me give you a great "For instance". Time to play a little "What if..." here. Let's say you are walking down a street and a woman walks past you wearing naught but a mini skirt and nothing else. You are offended. This woman should be wearing more clothes, though she is within her legal rights to be dressed the way she is. The legal term of genitalia does not include breasts or nipples so she is breaking no law. You, and the others on the street are appalled. A police officer is called and the woman, though she has broken no law, receives a ticket. Why? A very similar story can be found here. Because she is causing a disturbance, that's why. Scott Walker broke no law, but was asked to leave (and politely, I might add. He wasn't tossed out in his fine suit.) because of the DISTURBANCE his presence was causing.

We have already seen that some of the Radical Right have no problem breaking laws, even if they are in the State of Wisconsin Constitution.

Article I, §4 – ANNOT. The legislature cannot prohibit an individual from entering the capitol or its grounds. 59 Atty. Gen. 8. Article I, §4 Right to assemble and petition. Section 4. The right of the people peaceably...... to assemble, to consult for the common good, and to petition the government, or any department thereof, shall never be abridged." 

And yet, the doors to the capital are LOCKED. I wonder what Badger Blogger has to say about this little scrap? They have yet to blog about it, so only time will tell.

In closing, since this has become a much longer post than originally intended, The ******** did not lie. I did. All those people were right, I was lying, but not knowingly. I promised that I would update when I was able, and now I am. You can direct all that hatred back to me because really, the establishment in question is not to blame for their actions, the way some would have it coming off. They did what they thought was in the best interest of the Governor, the customers, and the restaurant.

Were the people booing Walker in the right? Well, they were within their right to free speech, I will give them that. I don't think I would have booed, I probably would have just left. The original post was merely to illustrate the public's opinion of Walker. Now that I find out that this happened before the bill was even introduced, I find it even more revealing than before. Walker is in a city where he is not welcome anymore. 

I truly hope nothing further comes of this blog post for the restaurant. They did what was in everyone's best interest to do. I hope this has clarified a few things for you all. With that, it's 2am and I need some sleep. Good night, all.


  1. The difference between your mistake and most other mistakes that are passed along as fact is that you did what you thought was the right thing to do - to be truthful, admit you made a mistake, and accept the blame. It's too easy to get caught up in these heated controversies - which easily lead to jumping ahead of ourselves. That is usually when we make these types of blunders. But, I have to say that I am impressed by the effort you put in... to take the time to stop in your tracks and admit where you went wrong and admit your mistake to all - while still embroiled in this issue with the Governor??!! I believe this honorable and respectable chore that you performed in response to becoming aware of the truth should exonerate you from your mistake and put you back in the game to help the team win the big game (I miss football!) and ANYONE in their sensible mind would be ridiculous not to have this issue written off as an honest mistake... or a douchebag (LMAO!!! That Scott Walker is a Douchebag page is filled with fun stuf!). A clean conscious in the heat of battle places us on a higher plane to do our best to ward off the greedy liars that say what they please in order to manipulate the masses for short-term profits. Hope you get your good night of sleep. As for me, It's 1:48am (really!) and I'm ready for some sleep myself. Good night. - Erik

  2. Thanks for the comment edjgraphix! I am usually the first to admit I am wrong when there is evidence to prove this fact. I thought the original source was the credible one, but I suppose I should have taken the extra effort to be sure. :)

  3. But... the word is conscience .

  4. and ... you *cite* web *sites.*

    and ... yes, it makes a difference. It really does confuse things these days. If you want people to think education is important, then ... say the words you mean, not words kinda sorta maybe close if you get what I'm saying sort of.

  5. Dangit. Thanks for the catch SiouxGeonz. That's not usually one I spell incorrectly. (Damn you, 2am!) :P

  6. What were you referring to about "conscience", though? I am a bit confused.

  7. SiouxGeonz - stop with the grammar lesson already. If she writes "cites" and you know what she meant by that, well, it looks like she did all that was necessary to get her point across.

  8. In today's day and age cell phones can take pictures, record video, record voice and get on the internet. Do you mean to tell us that the only person who confirmed this was a bartender and possibly the owner? No news cast, no patron from the Merchant has come forward and nobody will say anythign. I thought this was a shady story when I first heard it, and most people went to your site until the story was suddenly removed.

    Maybe it would put a lot of people's minds at ease to know if this really did happen if they could provide patrons who were there or pictures/videos from those who were there. It seems strange that with all the crazy stuff going on (14 senators leaving) that somebody would not have gotten an incident like this on their cell phone camera or videos. They got Fitzgerald on tape in a bar for goodness sakes and Walker is more dispised more than Fitzgerald.

    I'm not saying the chance of this happening isn't there, but I'd like to see somebody come forward. I would have thought the news channels would have found someone who was there and interviewed them...nothing.

    Could you shed some light on my questions.


  9. The ******** did not lie. I did. All those people were right, I was lying, but not knowingly

    I am the polar opposite of you politically, but I am not arguing politics in this case.

    I would say you should not call yourself a "liar". You did not lie. A lie is intentional untruth, and a mistake is *not* a lie.

  10. Thanks for that komrade.k! I appreciate your voice and your stance. The world is full of differing opinion, and that's what makes it great. :D