Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Open Letter to Janesville Councilman Frank Perrotto

Dear Mr. Perrotto,
I read your email to Yuri Rashkin today and it made me want to spit fire. I am going to share that email here so that everyone else can read it as well, because, let's be honest... it's a pretty funny email when you consider certain things that I will share following that email.

"Councilman Yuri

I went to your web site and I was appalled.

How dare you conduct yourself, as representative of this Council, by continuing to flaunt your partisan ideologies.

You walk out before the Governor gave his speech as a form of protest. You are disgrace to this council.
You claim you are representing the people. That is nonsense! What about all the people of Janesville who support the Governor.  How are you representing them with this despicable behavior?

You should publicly apologize to the citizens of Janesville for your behavior!
Moreover you should repay the city for the cost of the taxpayers dollars that were use to send you to this dinner.

I heard you even joined the protestors after you left....Not even you would be that stupid!

Your actions on the steps of the Courthouse were outrageous. You used your position as a City Councilman to speak against the republicans actions concerning the budget.  All under the guise that you represent and speak for the people of Janesville...NONSENSE. You jeopardized the city , its citizens and this council. We need to work with both sides of the legisative body in Madison . Not just your Democrat brothers and sisters.  What were you thinking?

Maybe it's time for you to reassess why you are on the City Council"

So let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Yuri "flaunts his partisan ideologies" by walking out on Governor Walker. Not only that but you call him "stupid" for doing so. Ah. I see. So your website flaunting the GOP is not partisanship at all? Hm. I am sure you sent that email as one who is "dependant on a spirit of cooperation and partnership". I am sure that you had "our cultural and educational advances" in mind when you stood in ovation for what Walker stands to cut with his budget bill.You call Yuri out for his partisanship by standing among the citizens of the city he represents. What does your clapping for Governor Walker represent? By your logic, the best thing for BOTH of you to have done to not show partisanship would have been to not show up at all.

You call Yuri a "disgrace" to the Council. I will tell you what is a "disgrace" to the Council. A councilman without the backbone to stand up for the rights of the citizens he represents. More than a thousand men and women standing outside waiting for someone, ANYONE, to take a stand with them. You are someone who would rather enjoy a nice dinner among the elite than to freeze with your constituents. We remember, sir. We are democracy and we remember.

"What about the people of Janesville who support the Governor." What about your cry for non-partisanship? Yuri wasn't speaking on behalf of Janesville. He was speaking for himself. What voice did you use? The same one that says, "there is just so much budget cutting you can do before it affects public service and safety"? I think not. You stand and clap in ovation for a man who slices at my daughters' educations. At MY education. Your community's teachers are public service workers and you stand and clap for a man that takes away their rights to bargain for safer classrooms for my kids. Your public service men and women are out among those protesters shouting to be heard by someone who claims to not want to cut so far into them, and you attack a man that WILL stand with them? With me? What about the people who suffer by your silence? What about them?

You would like to see Yuri pay for the dinner he ate on taxpayer dollars. I had no idea that my tax dollars were being used to pay for YOUR dinner as well. I would like that money back please. That money should be going to our schools. To our roads. Your ilk call us freeloaders. Who is the freeloader now? I would gladly get together the money to pay thrice over what his meal cost, so long as you agree to pay yours back as well. Fair is fair after all.

WHAT WERE YOU THINKING IN SENDING THIS EMAIL?! I think that perhaps you should reassess whether you will be reelected this year. GOP is a pretty scary banner to fall under these days. You will not be receiving my vote this April, and I will be making it my sole mission in the upcoming days to spread your words. If you do manage to scrape together the votes you need for reelection I hope you remember where those votes come from and consider yourself lucky to have them.

I'll be expecting a response and YOUR public apology in the days to come.

Naomi Houser
Resident of the City of Janesville

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  1. Your are a genius!!!!! I love your letter!!!! I bet the chicken will not pay back his meal, nor will he issue an apology as a real man would do!