Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An Open Letter to the Republican Party of Dane County

This is a response to this post made today by the Republican Party of Dane County:

To whom it may concern at the Republican Party of Dane County,

Since I refused to be limited to 500 characters, I decided to write you directly so that I may be not only succinct, but also concise. It's possible that others are able to rattle off a nasty message rife with curse words in that small an amount, but that isn't my intention.

Your snide and repulsive remarks show very clearly what you are all about. The sarcasm is not lost on those targeted, and you really do yourself a disservice by believing that anyone with more than a couple of warm brain cells to rub together would support what you have said regarding the Left. I know that you are used to being known as the Grand 'Ole Party, but you are fast becoming known for being more Gutless than Grand. Your views are archaic and outworn, so that 'Ole remains 'Ole. Your Party is less a party and more a gathering of a few people who use tunnel access to escape scorn to get to the party, or using 34,000 worth of air travel to go from town to town to insist on how "broke" we are.

The way your party is attempting to pass this bill IS NOT Constitutional. This bill DOES NOT increase worker rights. And this isn't about balancing budgets to save from firing workers. The people of Wisconsin are not blind. If it was about balancing budgets, Emperor Walker would have taken the money and benefits when they were offered. No. This isn't about balancing a budget and we are all aware of that. Stop trying to pretend it is.

You claim that the Left are elitist. If requiring having more than those two warm brain cells to rub together to be in a political position is elitist, then color me Elitist. I demand a certain amount of intelligence and decorum from the Party I elect.

You lump an entire party into one giant generalization instead of treating things a singular events, and it's despicable. Never in my life have I ever vandalized public property or keyed a car. I have never been to a garden party. The people who have done the things that you claim should be ashamed of themselves, but they are few and the peaceful out on the streets protesting are many, many more. I have always said that no matter where you go, if there's a large crowd and you throw a rock you are bound to hit an idiot. If we all decided to generalize the Right the same way that you have generalized the Left then we are left to think that you are all gun-toting hicks with a hard-on for hate. We would be forced to believe that you loathe the rights of women, you think that Jesus should be it's own subject in school, that the corporate class loves us all, and that gays are the reason we have earthquakes. Not a very nice picture is it? I am sure you have select constituents that you roll your eyes at when they show up at protests. People who you shudder about when they are spoken of in the news. Come on, we both do. If you want to pretend to stand on principle, maybe that principle should be to grow up. If you pretend to stand on logic, it should be logical for you to understand that whoever wrote your "apology letter" to Sumi should be fired.

I am not a citizen of Dane County, and definitely not of the Republican Party but if I claimed to be either I would be ashamed of you.

Naomi Houser

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