Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Missing Senators to be Fined $100 per day and Other Relevant News

According to an article at (a local news station for the Madison area) Republicans have decided to pass a resolution that attempts to bring the missing 14 Democratic Senators back across state lines and in this blogger's opinion, it's not going to work. This resolution, passed by unanimous votes, states that it would "charge each senator $100 each day for every day the lawmaker was missing" and that it "requires the missing Democrats to reimburse the Senate for any costs incurred during attempts to force them to return. Their salary and other per diem payments can be withheld until they pay back the penalties and costs".

Other news stations have stated that Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald has convinced the Dems to return, but this is only HIS side of the story (Source: Channel 27 Madison). I spoke to Barb at Senator Cullen's office and Cullen's statement is that Fitzgerald "must have misunderstood". She did confirm that a few of the Senators did in fact meet with the Senate Majority Leader, but only to discuss the terms of their return. It would appear that Fitzgerald has made it seem like it was all hunky-dory and that they were going to return, but that is not the case. In the vein of democracy, they DID talk to him, but on their terms, not the Right's.  Barb informed me that they are not crossing state lines until those terms have been met.

What confuses me is how many people of the media are saying that they are unable to reach his office. I have had friends calling in their support and the office is reached every time. I think I have reached Senator Cullen's voicemail only once out of the ten to fifteen times I have called. Others say the same.

In other news, since the capital refuses to allow protesters inside, one Assemblyman has decided to set up OUTSIDE the capital. Here's a picture shared on by @MissPronouncer. It's pretty sad when you have to move your business outdoors because a power hungry Governor has your office on lock down. I see he has no access to a copier outside, either.

Rep. Clark sets up shop outside on Capital lawn.
Are things far enough out of hand yet for Governor Walker to wake up and pay attention? I suppose that only time will tell.

I am not usually a politically motivated person, but for now, that may be all you see in the world of Mind Stain. It's truly what is on my mind lately, so I am going to keep talking about it. For the most ludicrous news in this whole debacle, stay tuned in. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Well, it is a pity that about the time it gets warm the place will probably be open for business and Rep. Clark will be back inside. I think government would run a lot better if all of the lawmakers had outside offices.

    Thanks for all your research and sharing of same.