Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Apology and Some Random Thoughts

I'll start off by saying that I'm sorry I haven't been on here daily to moderate comments. They all get published, whether I like them or agree with them, I am just slow to get them on here at times. I took a step back from politics for a while because it was beginning to consume everything I was doing in my life, and adding stress that I had no control over. It has also taken over a part of my energy that I really would like to use to continue on with the novel I am working on (for those interested in reading about my experiences with writing a first novel please see my other blog). It's not that I have lost passion or fire for what is happening, but I took a much needed break and even went on (and I am planning) some indulgent adventures.

Last weekend instead of protesting I went to C2E2 in Chicago, Illinois to cater to my inner (well, not-so-inner) geek. I met some amazing people, including Jill Thompson and a publisher interested in my novel, as well as got to see Patton Oswalt live for the first time. As expected, he killed it. Here's a short video from the show, in case you're interested.

This weekend I am planning to walk through the House on the Rock for the 20th time. Here's a little random snippet I wrote today while pondering...

I have The House to look forward to in a couple of days. That is my center. That place tilts and shifts my perceptions on things and I can breathe in that chaos. The jangling music and the eerie ambiance... it makes me feel like I am walking through a tangible part of my psyche. I understand those bends in the path. I understand that demon's open maw inviting me into a new chamber. I understand the Calliope and the Carnival of life that invites us to spin just one more time. I understand that sometimes you have to walk to the end of Infinity and look down. You have to see the magic that comes from seeing what is solid below you and taking that away with you when you walk back. You have to see that wandering in circles and twisting and turning in on yourself really is the path that life takes. Sometimes you are standing above the place you were standing before. Sometimes you stop to watch things spin or play themselves out. Sometimes you stop and have your fortune told. And sometimes you walk out, squinting, into the light of day and you are thankful for the journey. Foot sore and thirsty, you climb a winding walkway and you are back to where you started. That's just life sometimes. That's MY life sometimes.

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