Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to 2011

Ahhh... the sweet sounds of silence. Not only is everyone in the house but me taking a nap, but the holidays are over and that makes my house a tolerable place to be. I'm not saying that I hated every part of the holidays... I had a really great time... I am just saying that I am glad it's done and over with now. I have been able to get some novel writing done, which has been nice.

What's NOT nice? The insomnia is back. With a vengeance. I am up all hours of the night and morning and then sleep into the afternoon. I am not loving it. I only get to experience about two hours of actual daylight before it's dark again, and in a way that's really depressing. I hate being cold so I don't spend a lot of time outside anyway, but it would be nice to look out and see the sun shining. I can pretend it's warm out there with the sun shining on the little bits of snow left on the ground... but no. Insomnia takes even that from me. I didn't finally roll off the couch until 3 this afternoon, and by then it was late in the day for getting much done. Ugh. I feel like a slacker. Damn you Insomnia!!!

In other news, I have been able to watch some pretty good chick flicks while I am the only one awake in the house. 'The Ugly Truth" starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler was incredibly amusing. "The Proposal" was entertaining AND I got to see Ryan Reynolds' very fine backside in the movie. He is incredibly yummy. Oh yeah, Sandra Bullock was in there too. Mmmm.... Ryan Reynolds... *drool* Either way, they were both good movies. Definitely a change of pace from watching SpongeBob for the last week and a half that the kids have been off of school.

Speaking of the kids and school, Cyrah went back to school today, even though last night she was all worked up about seeing Ms. Trudy again. She claims that Ms. Trudy is the mean one because she takes the bad kids upstairs. I told Cyrah that there was nothing for her to worry about because she is never one of the bad kids. That seemed to ease her mind a bit. She said it was nice to see her friends again. She is most excited about turning five next month. I can't believe that's just about here already. Only seems like yesterday that she was in diapers and crawling around the house... now she's writing her own name and learning to read. Doesn't seem possible.

I suppose I should leave it there for now. I want to get some novel writing done before everyone wakes up and starts making noise again. Also I want to try and get to sleep at a decent hour tonight, even if I did sleep all day. I hope you're all well. :)

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